Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
ich habe eine Minihalloweenparty hier gehabt, würdet ihr gern sehen wie mein last minute Kostüm bzw. eigentlich nur Face Make Up ausgesehen hat?

Schreibt uns auch gerne ob ihr Halloween gefeiert habt!
Und als was ihr verkleidet wart!
Oder ob ihr Halloween blöd findet!?

Mögt ihr lieber Karneval/Fasching oder Halloween?

In diesem Sinne, schönes, ekliges Halloween gehabt zu haben ;)

3 Kommentare:

  1. I'm not sure I understood (the parts I understood :P) what you wrote, but I want to see your Halloween costume and make-up!
    I had a little Halloween party too but proably it wasn't compared to yours :P
    I prefer Halloween to Carnaval 'cause here Carnaval is just idiot. It's an excuse to, sometimes, hurt others without being punished... as we have a rhime that says "É Carnaval ninguém leva a mal!" which means "It´s Carnaval no one takes it seriously"... lame! Carnaval is getting ugly 'cause people invent always something new to make it more disgusting and dirty, like before it was only little balloons filled with water to throw at people but now they filled them with bleach, dirt, boggers....

  2. You understood perfectly right!:)
    I had a little halloweenparty too!:)
    I like both, but you are right, people think if they are disguised, they are able to do anything they like and nobody will recognize them...and they won't be punished for they actions. Thats horrible!

    I'll try to post some pics of my costume, I was a zombie :D I just had some face make up on, nothing too complex, it was a last minute costume:) the pics are unfortunately very diffuse so I have to edit them a bit!

    Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. I'm anxious to see your pictures!!! I was just someone dressed differently :P I used my university veteran clothing ('cause I always thought it was useless) to dress up XD